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Molki, Banafsheh, Phuc Thi Ha, Abigail L. Cohen, David W. Crowder, David R. Gang, Anders Omsland, Judith K. Brown, and Haluk Beyenal. (2019) The infection of insect vector by bacterial plant pathogen “Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum” is associated with altered vector physiology.  Enzyme and Microbial Technology In Press.

Jewell, Jeremy B, Joel M Sowders, Ruifeng He, Mark A Willis, David R Gang, and Kiwamu Tanaka. (2019) Extracellular ATP shapes a defense-related transcriptome both independently and along with other defense signaling pathways.  Plant Physiology 179: 1144-58.

Tushingham, Shannon, Charles M Snyder, Korey J Brownstein, William J Damitio, and David R Gang. (2018) Biomolecular archaeology reveals ancient origins of indigenous tobacco smoking in North American Plateau.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115: 11742-47.

Rijal, Girdhari, Jing Wang, Ilhan Yu, David Gang, Roland Chen, and Weimin Li. (2018) Porcine breast extracellular matrix hydrogel for spatial tissue culture.  International Journal of Molecular Sciences 19: 2912.

Marley, Meghan B, Korey J Brownstein, Bradley T Lepper, Shannon Tushingham, Karen L Leone, Sean M Rafferty, David R Gang, Linda L Pansing, William H Pickard, and Juli Six. (2018) Analyses of organic residue from a conical pipe from the Niles-Wolford Mound (33Pi3), Pickaway County, Ohio.  Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 19: 658-68.

Eerkens, Jelmer W, Shannon Tushingham, Korey J Brownstein, Ramona Garibay, Katherine Perez, Engel Murga, Phil Kaijankoski, Jeffrey S Rosenthal, and David R Gang. (2018) Dental calculus as a source of ancient alkaloids: Detection of nicotine by LC-MS in calculus samples from the Americas.  Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 18: 509-15.

Berim, Anna, and David R Gang. (2018) Production of methoxylated flavonoids in yeast using ring A hydroxylases and flavonoid O-methyltransferases from sweet basil.  Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 102: 5585-98.

Ibdah, Mwafaq, Stefan Martens, and David R Gang. (2017) Biosynthetic pathway and metabolic engineering of plant dihydrochalcones.  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 66: 2273-80.

Gargouri, Mahmoud, Philip D Bates, Jeong-Jin Park, Helmut Kirchhoff, and David R Gang. (2017) Functional photosystem I maintains proper energy balance during nitrogen depletion in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, promoting triacylglycerol accumulation.  Biotechnology for Biofuels 10: 89.

Chen, Xiaoyue, Anna Berim, Franck E Dayan, and David R Gang. (2017) A (–)-kolavenyl diphosphate synthase catalyzes the first step of salvinorin A biosynthesis in Salvia divinorum.  Journal of Experimental Botany 68: 1109-22.

Brownstein, Korey J, Mahmoud Gargouri, William R Folk, and David R Gang. (2017) Iridoid and phenylethanoid/phenylpropanoid metabolite profiles of Scrophularia and Verbascum species used medicinally in North America.  Metabolomics 13: 133.

Yang, Qiyuan, Xingwei Liang, Xiaofei Sun, Lupei Zhang, Xing Fu, Carl J Rogers, Anna Berim, Shuming Zhang, Songbo Wang, Bo Wang, Marc Foretz, Benoit Viollet, David R Gang, Buel D Rodgers, Mei-Jun Zhu, and Min Du. (2016) AMPK/α-ketoglutarate axis dynamically mediates DNA demethylation in the Prdm16 promoter and brown adipogenesis.  Cell Metabolism 24: 542-54.

Li, Tingting, Helmut Kirchhoff, Mahmoud Gargouri, Jie Feng, Asaph B Cousins, Philip T Pienkos, David R Gang, and Shulin Chen. (2016) Assessment of photosynthesis regulation in mixotrophically cultured microalga Chlorella sorokinianaAlgal Research 19: 30-38.

Vyas, Meenal, Tonja W Fisher, Ruifeng He, William Nelson, Guohua Yin, Joseph M Cicero, Mark Willer, Ryan Kim, Robin Kramer, Greg A May, John A Crow, Carol A Soderlund, David R Gang, and Judith K Brown. (2015) Asian citrus psyllid expression profiles suggest “Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus”-mediated alteration of adult nutrition and metabolism, and of nymphal development and immunity.  PLoS One 10: e0130328.

Hu, Jinguo, Soon-Jae Kwon, Jeong-Jin Park, Erik Landry, D Scott Mattinson, and David R Gang. (2015) LC-MS determination of L-DOPA concentration in the leaf and flower tissues of six faba bean (Vicia faba L.) lines with common and rare flower colors.  Functional Foods in Health and Disease 5: 243-50.