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The Candidatus Liberibacter Culturing Consortium CLCC Project Participants

Who we are:


Project participants have included:

David R. Gang (WSU, Lead Investigator), expertise in biochemistry and genomics, including multi-omic analysis.

Haluk Beyenal (WSU, Co-Investigator), expertise in biological systems engineering, particularly of biofilms.

Anders Omsland (WSU, Co-Investigator), expertise in culture of recalcitrant species.

Nabil Killiny (U. Florida, Co-Investigator), expertise in entomology and plant pathology, especially of psyllids and CLas.

Judith Brown (U. Arizona, Co-Investigator), expertise in entomology, plant pathology, especially of psyllids, CLas, and CLso.

Dorrie Main (WSU, Collaborator), expertise in genomics and bioinformatics. Curator of the Citrus Genome Database.


Elham Attaran, Omsland Lab, cell-free culturing.

Anna Berim, Assistant Research Scientist, Gang Lab, metabolomics, lipidomics,

Phuc Ha, Post-doctoral Associate, Beyenal Lab, biofilm analysis and culturing.

Ruifeng He, Assistant Research Scientist, Gang Lab, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, plant growth and maintenance.

Banafsheh Molki, PhD student, Beyenal Lab, biofilm analysis and culturing.

Mark Willis, Post-doctoral Associate, Gang Lab, genomic and transcriptomic data assembly and analysis, pathway analysis.